20 weeks: Unknown Pleasures

Friday, June 17, 2016

This week we hit the mark; 20 weeks, 20 more to go! 
I've been trying to shop around for pieces of clothing because this belly keeps growing.
Unfortunately stores are filled with ugly summer dresses and stupid patterns!!!

I also need a dress for my Masters' graduation and no luck yet >.< I really don't want to go crazy on internet shopping since the belly can be tricky with the sizes and some maternity pieces seem huge for me. I just have a cute belly but nothing else has changed. 

 I bought that skirt 2 days ago and it's super comfy and I like that shade of gray <3

 I was surprised to see that the t-shirt looked good, since I was worried it wouldn't stretch.

Baby facts:

-Kicks are more and more noticeable.
-He likes to cuddle on the right side of my belly.
-Cravings are kicking in; chocolate ones!

The cake

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

As I mentioned in my previous post The little creeper the bat is out of the bag.

We went with the gender reveal cake route but it was on our favor.

It was Mon Cher's b-day and everyone thought it was just a regular cake.

Since we went with the midwife alternative we get only 3 ultrasounds, but Mon Cher's workplace has ultrasound machine so we did a freebie just to know the gender.

We've known for 2 weeks but the grandparents had no idea.

When Mon Cher blew the candle he wished to know what we were having and that's when everyone knew what was next to come.

I did a delicious vegan fudge chocolate cake. The blue frosting was vanilla buttercream and the outside was dark chocolate buttercream, both vegan as well.

The little creeper

Monday, June 13, 2016

Yesterday was a big day to spill the beans and let the bat out of the bag.

I'm expecting a little creeper!

It's been crazy, I'm starting to feel the movements.

Can't wait to meet the little dude.

Funny thing? It's due near Halloween so I'm talking to the belly to see if we can agree on that day.
He would have the best birthday parties right?
So this is my evolution up until now...

 This is one is from the day we found out I was 4 weeks.

This one is from 18 weeks.
Also I picked my skeleton t-shirt for the belly shots and I'm wondering if it will survive up until the last week.